Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an exceptional affiliate network focused on driving sales to advertisers on a cost per acquirement basis. We have built an implausible status by delivering the maximum ROI presented online and we look forward to helping you cultivate your business with a flourishing affiliate-marketing program

 Affiliate Marketing
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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising; it's a powerful technique to maximise your return. Mainly, it is also called Pay per Sale, Pay per Lead program. In today'scompetitive era all companies spend on online marketing and gaining maximum exposure to its products & services; Affiliate marketing is a part of it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is cost per acquisition marketing. Within an affiliate marketing program, a merchant would team up with other or partner websites to promote its products or services online and merchant would only pay out when confirmed lead, sale, email or registration take place.

What are Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

CPA (Cost per Acquisition) Marketing:

Merchants only pay per confirmed purchase. Affiliate marketing works as an incentive or motivation for your affiliate to drive more targeted traffic to merchant's website to increase conversion, and mainly it helps your affiliate to increase their commissions.

Brand Awareness:

Advertising display plays an important & key factor in affiliate marketing; this frequent & constantly display advertising fundamentally helps in increasing merchant's website & brand visibility online. Ultimately Affiliate Marketing helps a merchant to increase brand awareness.

Increase Growth Factor:

Merchants only pay for confirmed commissionable action; these reduce unnecessary expenses. Mainly due to different categories signed up for merchant campaign. Different SEO affiliate, email affiliate, Paid search affiliates, etc. drive targeted audience constantly to the website and show constantly increasing as affiliate look and find out more innovative ways to promote your brands online.


In Affiliate Marketing, it is possible to track details. Conversion tracking in affiliate marketing provides necessary data about the purchases; this enables a merchant to evaluate ROI and effectiveness of the campaign.

Advertiser affiliate marketing is a way to reach out to more targeted customers and mainly increase brand exposure. For affiliates, it's a way to generate revenue from websites with allocating time and money.

IWebSquare SEO offers you customised affiliate marketing solutions in most cost effectively manner.