AJAX Implementation

AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML are a group of interrelated web development techniques. Ajax technique has led to an increase in interactive or dynamic interface on web pages.

 AJAX Implementation
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AJAX Implementation

AJAX Implementation

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, a web development technique for building rich, Web 2.0 interactive applications. The main feature of AJAX is that it can request data from the server asynchronously behind the scene without intervening with the display and behavior of the existing page.

How AJAX Works?
If you've used the Gmail Web client or Google Maps you probably noticed that you can scroll over the map or spell check the typed text, respectively, without page submits. AJAX, the technology behind this behavior, handles the requested operations in JavaScript and asynchronously invokes the server-side operations that provide the desired results.

What we can do for you?
With ASP.NET AJAX or PHP AJAX, our expert developers can create richer web applications and it allows your site to take full advantage of cross-browser capability. We take the benefit Ajax technology by using ASP.NET AJAX or PHP AJAX, which enables us to create pages with a rich, responsive User Interface and server communication.

Some Features of AJAX internet programming:

  • Ajax Auto Complete
  • Blog Scripts
  • Calendar Scripts
  • Ajax Menus
  • Chat Scripts
  • Forgot Password
  • User Feedback
  • Register New User
  • Tell A Friend
  • Item Bid History
  • Item Watch Tool
  • Manage Users
  • User & IP Address Blocking