Jul 27

The trouble with the average internet marketing service is that a lot of marketing brain has to go into the website promotion tools available online. SEO services likewise need to be based on total commitment and involvement in your project on the part of the internet marketing service provider. You have blogs, articles, coupons, vouchers, SMSs, mailers, and so on. But search engine optimisation services are often thought to be powerful instruments in themselves, by those at the helm of business affairs.

For instance, a web log (or blog, for short) is merely a format that you use to post blog-worthy content online. Your blog can be a mini representation of your website, your business, your ideas…the lot. It can carry links to some great web pages that are frequented by droves of surfers. But if your blog does not contain adequate thought in the right words and phrases, you might as well not blog at all. Remember that your blog — in fact all the internet marketing you indulge in — tells the world a lot more about you and your business than you think. People are definitely going to read between the lines of even internet marketing copy, since they are there mainly to find useful copy. That is a major reason for the recent success of social media optimisation tactics, isn’t it?

Internet marketing service providers believe that website promotion, pay per click, or social media optimisation constitute the power to generate sales. Despite their faith in such tools, you and I know that that is not really true. These tools are just the outer shell for the gunpowder of an effective internet marketing service.

SEO services can get your website to the first page of a majority of SERPs, even among the first five. Once you are up there, however, the truest test of your content begins. If you do not have genuinely useful content on your website, things are going to get pretty awkward for your business online. While search engine optimisation is a useful tool, it can only take your website to the first page. Again, on the way, it would require top-class content to progress so far.

Take fancy names and terms coined by marketers with a pinch of salt and learn to discern genuinely useful content online. In short, prepare for online success.

Jul 15

Quality website design and development of  business websites occur when the website designer understands the ways in which people use the Internet and the reasons why. This maxim holds true most significantly in the case of ecommerce websites. Such websites depend entirely on people, more specifically “quality traffic” to their webstore or website. Without the promise of a huge click-through rate translating into at least a 5% to 10% conversion rate, few webstores could possibly survive. Webstore design is thus critically important to the store owner and the people he commissions.

Hence, it is advisable not to take users for granted. Try not to exclude any given consumer segment. Make arrangements for all. Ongoing research into consumer behaviour is an ideal proposition for any business worth its own name. In the case of evolving website design, the same holds true for website developers. While designing a webstore or a web page, take into account the targeted audience. For instance, if the page or site is exclusively intended for either the younger or the older generations, your task as a website designer is to identify their specific requirements, which can be tough … depending on the size of the audience. If it includes both segments, it becomes even more complicated. You’d think you need to design two versions of the site. You can design just a single webstore, however.

People are complicated, and difficult to please. Then, they are grouped under parameters such as likes and dislikes, beliefs, education, culture, religion, age, gender, and so on. Can you design a website, or a page even, to accommodate every taste? Can you design a web page for even the motley group of your ‘targeted audience’? If you think you can, you are already progressing in the wrong direction. Sit up and take note. Because all you can do as a website designer is be sensitive to your existing and prospective customers. And to how they use web development technology. Period.

Jul 07

Advertising for online products can be done most effectively through other media. Print media and television can effectively take your contact numbers and web address to customers eager to purchase your product. Advertising products and advertising services can be two very different ball games. The latter would target an audience quite different from the one for the former. That is why knowing and understanding the target audience is so critical to any marketing or advertising strategy. Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is one way to understand that target audience, and it rings true even in the post-Panda times.

Here, I will take the opportunity to appeal to all my readers to focus on the organic search engine marketing and calculated web content. One may also opt for paid advertising and comparable tools, but one must rely on the natural or organic SEO of your Web pages. More than anything else, you need to invest in the direly needed patience.

Use broad keywords in the more generic content on the initial pages of your store or site. Allow these to taper toward more specific keywords and phrases, in tandem with your Web content.

Not finding the info that a prospective customer could possibly, want is a most damaging thing to happen to your visitors and, by extension, to your website. More than the keywords themselves, it is the information visitors find on your pages that will keep them coming back for more. Information that can be and must be provided includes product descriptions, prices, contact details of product sources, product specifications, customer care numbers, and so on.

I will reiterate here that one ought to avoid all kinds of invasive or irritating advertising since the importance of valuing customer comfort cannot possibly be overemphasized. All quality Web content should ideally be oriented to customer needs. Much of it is seen to be oriented around the meagre skills of SEO or development specialists who are allowed to write.

Often, long key phrases will go a long way in ensuring that your customers find what they want. With specific products, especially those that you know will be much sought after, do not fight shy of using long, descriptive key phrases. For one, these will very likely be ones with the least competition, which helps your page rank. Then, it will also be useful to that segment of your customers that knows exactly what they want and will use long search queries to find those objects.

How wonderful it will be when businesses pair up with related ventures to offer a full package of products, services or both together to customers! If a customer is looking for formal clothing, chances are that he or she will also need coats, cufflinks, ties, eyewear, personal accessories and other knick-knacks. If different vendors selling one of these should come together in a joint venture or sorts or even simply be located very close to each other, that place should prove to be a haven for both buyers and sellers. Such a dream website will benefit immensely from top-notch website promotion strategy and content.

Cheers to the future of business collaboration!

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