Nov 23

I cannot help observing how online marketing service providers tend to thrust the medium that they are comfortable with under customers’ noses. “Video is the best medium for marketing…”, “Website design…”, “Picture worth thousand words…”, and similar phrases abound on the websites of those that provide such inherently incomplete services. Business websites are meant to communicate the full picture to the convenience of every member of the target audience.

Are developers naïve enough to think that the customer does not see through their diaphanous inability to INTEGRATE all web development instruments into one superb business website for the client? After all, what is the entire purpose of having “good content” on your website?

Your business website needs content that is engaging, appealing, informative, interesting, unique, and the kind that sells your products or services for you. Conversation with your client is extremely important, as you can see. To that end, you cannot afford to neglect creating such well-rounded content.

Business Conversion Optimization

Business Conversion Optimization

You see, every single medium has its own strength – the one cannot quite achieve what the other can. And that is simply because each medium has a certain efficacy that is unique to itself. Making the most of the medium on your business website and stringing two or more of these media to structure the message to your target audience is the need of the hour. Any single medium can of course not be as efficacious as two or three of them combined to good effect. And that good effect is what makes your overall content appealing, informative, engaging, and so on. Remember you have a business website to manage, not a theatre or a book.

A multimedia experience is your best bet at communicating the full message to your prospective customers. Ensure that your business website offers full support to all your customers. Avoid falling into the trap of a designer or developer who can only provide only a part of the content for your business website.

Nov 21

Being online retailers hot in pursuit of more sales, we tend to overlook certain unconventional and therefore effective ways of achieving ecommerce sales. Every one of us usually prefers to sell in the same old ways, whether a beginner or a veteran to online selling. Features created specifically for unconventional selling methods are now available for those of us who would be interested in taking a shot at achieving sales using new strategies.

Create major and genuine differentiators between you and the competition to establish your brand. One way of doing that is to offer unconventional ways to purchase your products. Here are some suggestions:

1. Name Your Own Price: The Priceline ads are based on an effective strategy. Let your customers enjoy the chance to bid on certain products and your sales increase dramatically. The strategy does not imply selling vast quantities of stock at throwaway prices. Operate within comfortable margins but use it to attract visitors and leads.

2. Daily Deals: Presenting attractive, interesting daily deals on your homepage can prove to be a great option to acquire regularly returning visitors. Make your deals count through syndicating unique content on a regular basis through the social media, and achieve higher conversion rates as well as quality promotion for your brand.

You should also build a list of social media platforms and appropriately send out your daily deal to shopping blogs and site for achieving traction and increasing the following for your brand.

3. Group Buying: Either go with a Groupon or similar group-buying sites or consider your own group deal so that you need not pay on your ecommerce sales. Shopping cart solution providers have started incorporating group buying features into the solutions they provide, so make sure you catch on early enough.

4. Waiting List Feature: Allow your customers to join a waiting list for a particular high-demand product. Such lists are populated by shoppers who are almost guaranteed to make the purchase as soon as the product is available. Again, shopping carts incorporate the facility to send notifications when the product is back in stock.

In addition to the above suggestions, you might also offer your customers the opportunity to pay later or for goods bought or in instalments. That in itself can be an attractive proposition for both the merchant and the shopper.

Use these suggestions to boost your online sales. Watch this space for more on the topic in future.

Nov 02

With the kind of demand for and the influence of social media platforms today, their role as marketing tools is no longer an option. If you are not engaging directly with your audience, you are missing a critical business opportunity. What makes things worse is that social media marketing is speedily making its way to small and large companies’ marketing agenda. Corporate blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts, and other platforms are evolving fast and making themselves more and more suitable for the purposes of social media marketing.

As a business owner, you also do not have much time – only as much as for the competition to realize the power of social media marketing and implement it. Being the earlier adapter has big advantages over the competition.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms

So what all can be done to make the most of social media marketing? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Analyze what all can you and your business bring to your social media presence.
    What assets do you possess? What services can you offer? What will your online USPs be? How will you differentiate from others in your vertical? The answers to these questions will enable you to you’re your social media marketing strategy. Also, if you have bigger players in the same vertical, conduct an in-depth study of all that they have been doing with social media platforms.
  2. Get your organization social media accounts – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
    Set up a blog and start posting at regular intervals, ideally on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Ensure that the content on these platforms and especially for the blog is the best it can get. If that is possible, get social media experts to help. Your social media marketing can succeed only when you engage your audience on multiple levels since every member of the audience will not necessarily be using every single platform.
  3. Look up a social media management services provider online.
    The best ones will provide top initial content, great design, and regular updates – all for a modest monthly or yearly fee. To begin with, this is the safest bet to get your social media marketing strategy off the ground.
  4. Provide information that your audience can use.
    Pictures, YouTube videos, tweets, Facebook messages, and blog posts should be full of content that creates a positive impression for your business. If you ‘like’ or ‘favorite’ other social media users’ contributions, they will also reciprocate by doing the same for your content. Add value by posting content that is at once useful and interesting.
  5. Social media platforms are for socializing.
    Do not hasten into straightaway talking about your products or services. Even a social media marketing initiative should prioritize building trust by liking others’ content, providing helpful comments, complimenting, and connecting on a regular basis. Let the flow of such exchange naturally veer towards your products and business. Engage friends and others who like your products or services. Make genuine friends, first off.

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