Oct 21

A product feed is the file that contains all information about your products, and it supplies that content to consumers visiting e-commerce-related websites such as price comparison websites, affiliate networks, search engines, and so on. The foremost example of the sites that will most profitably display your product feed is Google Product Search.

The Google Product Search feed can be optimized in various different ways to achieve free but quality traffic to your website or webstore. Descriptive and concise information on your products as prescribed by Google is the single most important requirement. Here are Google Product Search optimization essentials to help take your online business to the next levels:

  1. Short, relevant, and carefully written titles and descriptions created from the terms your customers use to look for products (Use SEO tools such as Google AdWords to identify these. Details such as shipping charges or marketing campaigns should not be mentioned here.)
  2. Use of relevant terms such as ‘Thanksgiving Day gift’ or ‘Christmas gift’ in the titles and descriptions throughout, in the Google Product Search feed
  3. High-resolution, quality images of the products
  4. Product categories that are based on Google’s Product Type to help place your products in the most suitable departments and thereby increase products’ rankings
  5. Frequent submission of your product feeds to avoid getting them removed from Google Product Search for the lack of fresh feeds
  6. Mentioning shipping and tax info to avoid shopping cart abandonment as a direct result of very high shipping charges (Think about this one. Google Product Search allows you to submit tax and shipping info directly through setting default values in Google Merchant Center account or by mentioning it in the feed.)
  7. Mentioning in the Google Product Search feed any newly introduced products, shipping waivers, support for Google Checkout – attributes that shoppers look for specifically when shopping online (not in the titles or descriptions)
  8. Completing all required fields while submitting the feed
  9. Submitting in the feed for Google Product Search all relevant details such as modes of payment available, color, brand name, UPC, MPN, and ISBN as well as descriptions such as ‘available online only’, or ‘compatible with’, and ‘system requirements’, etc.
  10. Connecting the Google Merchant Center account to your AdWords account to make best use of Google’s Product Extension Ads
Oct 04

With a rise in demand, there is also a noticeable change in the technology trends, and open source development has brought about just such a change insofar as the world of Internet is concerned. With open source development, applications and even entire websites may now be built to professional standards using the freely available source code. Any changes required thereafter may also be easily incorporated on demand.

What is more, open source customization lends itself easily to the efforts of developers and programmers the world over. The kinds of software and applications now available have never been better. This, in turn, means that every business – small or large – can now avail of high-quality software at less than half the price. Indeed, the only expenditure one incurs with open source software is that on the fairly reasonable fees charged by your developer.

Several open source platforms exist that make it possible for you to source web sites, content management systems, and web applications. Dynamic web sites may be created using open source software such as Joomla, Drupal and Typo3. Then you have the platforms such as Magento, X-Cart, Zen Cart, Presta Shop, and so on – among the more notable ones – for open source development. Platforms such as Flex even make it possible to develop rich internet applications (RIAs).

A standard and highly qualified open source developer from an offshore open source development company should be able to provide the best web development services at highly affordable rates. Service offered by such developer can include the following:

Open Source Customization

Open Source Customization

• PHPBB customisation
• Storefront customisation
• WordPress customisation
• Drupal CMS customisation
• X-cart customisation
• Zen cart customisation
• CakePHP customisation
• Oscommerce customisation
• Joomla customisation

These developers are generally quite capable at delivering high quality results in tackling the most critical issues with open source project development. They also provide round-the-clock support after you have sourced a solution.

Open source applications have utterly revolutionised the way business is conducted online. Make the most of it while the going is good.

Sep 29

You will have of course realized some time that many daily deal sites are just online retailers who need to implement the levels of personalization that successful online retailers are known for, are good at, and owe their success to. If you are into sending out deals every day, it naturally becomes a prime duty for you to ensure that your daily deals reach the right person at the right time. Now how tough can this get? Not much; let me assure you. You only need to pay attention to certain things to inform your deal of the day with that touch of personalization and business acumen.

Retailers in Britain and elsewhere are already harnessing the power of metrics that almost indicate who wants what and when. It does, of course, take a whole lot of work to analyse data required to offer the most suitable daily deals to the appropriate customers.

Daily Deals

Daily Deals

For instance, you could be offering your daily alerts on the basis of gender and site-browsing behaviour. Such targeting creates a far richer experience for your valued customers and results in higher loyalty and repeat custom. Needless to say, the indulgence pays off fairly well.

If you have customers who have never bought anything online, you could be sending them an email that politely asks after them. Generic emails that help create an atmosphere conducive to the decision making can easily be drafted by expert content writers. I’d go so far as to suggest dividing your attention to customers on priority bases.

Carefully planned welcome campaigns, first-purchase privileges, birthdays, and similar attention to the customer can enhance your daily deal initiatives by as much as 30% or more, depending on how you approach it. In a nutshell, creating a more personalized consumer experience will always reap rich rewards for your business.

Make the most of your daily deal offers and watch your customers make a beeline to your ecommerce website!

Sep 12

Now that marketing genius, in collaboration with web development pros, has made it more easily possible than ever before to connect with your customers, it is high time businesses took an active interest in developing, nurturing, and innovating better ways to connect with customers. Run-of-the-mill concepts in your CRM solution will just not do now because the creative lot among you are already well on their way developing interesting customer relationship management strategies, often even combining an in-person approach with an online or cloud-based one. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, as usual.

For instance, how many companies have initiated the use of social media platforms into their CRM strategy? But those that have are up to serious business. Not viewing such new options as instrumental to forging a comprehensive software solution immediately renders the whole vision myopic. And that is only because customer relationships ARE being enhanced by refreshing new approaches.

Here is a short, partial list of things to do and incorporate into your customer relationship management schedule:

  • · Listen: New software tools that can be used ‘listen’ to what people are saying about your  business, brand, or product are available. These tools work in conjunction with a social media platform or more.

  • · List: Maintaining lists of what customers, third-party vendors, and competitors have to say about your brand / product on Twitter can help achieve more with less effort.

  • · Rescue Act: Lists for Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms can be managed using a quality CRM software. Ensure that your content for tweets and other messages is managed professionally, in house. This list will help as a component of your CRM solution when a refreshing new approach is inevitable for getting ahead.

  • · Try LinkedIn: LindedIn can be used to generate sales as well as network with top professionals, businessmen, and gurus. All it requires is the time to do it and there’s a good chance you will be meeting people you never thought you’d be speaking to.

  • · Engagement: Something that will engage prospective customers? Think discounts, coupons, contests, and content specifically created for the purpose. Think different, be different, make a difference.

In addition to this list, pay careful and proactive attention to what your customers and vendors talk about online. It pays to listen and then follow up. Timeliness of your communiques is critically important. In all this, a good CRM software tool can be used effectively. Let the entire approach be one where you are seeking to HELP customers find what they want rather than using marketing gimmicks to fool yourself into thinking that good custom can be tricked into buying.

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Aug 29

There are some general criteria for identifying an ecommerce website developer with the acumen necessary to develop a webstore that does full justice to your business. Fortunately, there are quite a number of ecommerce solutions available that will be capable of delivering the goods. You need not toss a coin to decide.

Look up ecommerce development services on the internet and then take your time finding out about those that you think are best suited to do the sort of work you’d have them deliver. Don’t rush to get in touch with a services provider right away. Build your own confidence as regards the quality of ecommerce website development on offer before plunging in.

It is always a good idea to find out from various sources as well as the firms themselves regarding the current market rates. Ecommerce web development will be a fair bit more expensive than a plain, HTML website. It takes much longer to develop one, so ensure that you find out exactly how long the ecommerce developer would take when you inquire about the price.

Go speak to the company’s representatives even before you seek a quote. You could provide them a list of everything that you’d want included and then assess how much each aspect is likely to cost. If the firm is not a local one, make enough calls to achieve as much. Many a quality ecommerce web developer will also provide a toll free number on their websites.

Above all, get yourself a very good idea about the value of the offering of each firm’s services. Go for the best offering, one that will not bring up issues every now and then, instead of the lowest-priced ecommerce web design available. But if you have enough references for the one with the lowest price, it’s your call.

Ensure that you are fully satisfied before reaching any conclusions. Explore all the options, including ecommerce development services providers with overseas back offices. Make informed decisions and you’ll never regret it.

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