Jun 11

What others opine on your persona, your character, your website promotion and business, and even your most unobtrusive trifles can require formidable courage to adapt to and handle gracefully. This courage was found only very recently by yours truly, after 39 long years and 8 fidgety months of obfuscating frustration at others’ remarks and tons of hard-earned wisdom having flown under the bridge. ‘Why me?’ is a question I no longer deny anyone, nor myself. However, going on to ‘Why not me?’ has been that much more daunting. After all, what irresistible source of pleasure do we tend to exact from others’ troubles? What primitive sadism stokes our desire to gawk at others’ pitfalls? What makes us take for granted that the other entity is of an inferior substance? And even if it indeed were such, what of it? Would you personally prefer to enumerate the varied advantages of your own products and services or denounce those offered by another? Do you want to ‘drive traffic’ to your website? Alternatively, would you prefer to have a good number of prospective clients that keep returning to your website and make for good business?

These are questions far beyond the realms of the technical or Web content one finds infesting the internet through website optimization. ‘Other vendors do not provide, are not capable, cannot deliver…but we, our experts, our whatsitsname…’ is the sort of rubbish one finds almost at will at websites offering one or the other sort of IT service. These must really be the best people to source the ecommerce, application development, Web software, and other solutions that your business so badly requires or cannot do without. Any one of these is a potential panacea to all your troubles, and you could not possibly choose the one over the other without significant losses to your business interest. As a customer even, you could not hope to win an argument about how the other provider did serve the best interests of a friend’s business. ‘Our solutions work better…’ Why do so many business entities suppose that such an extremely condescending or belittling attitude can win over customers? What sort of website promotion is this? Moreover, what can you possibly say in such a situation?

Say nothing, I suggest. Just do exactly whatever it is you want to. Go hire the particular developer who has demonstrated and convinced you of the worth of his solutions to your business. Go about it nonchalantly. There is no need to make an outcry over it. Be tactful when you make your choice. Making your own choice cannot be challenged, no matter what anyone says. Website promotion must be done in incrementally mature terms.

Make informed choices – that is the best way to counter second-party criticism.

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