Oct 21

A product feed is the file that contains all information about your products, and it supplies that content to consumers visiting e-commerce-related websites such as price comparison websites, affiliate networks, search engines, and so on. The foremost example of the sites that will most profitably display your product feed is Google Product Search.

The Google Product Search feed can be optimized in various different ways to achieve free but quality traffic to your website or webstore. Descriptive and concise information on your products as prescribed by Google is the single most important requirement. Here are Google Product Search optimization essentials to help take your online business to the next levels:

  1. Short, relevant, and carefully written titles and descriptions created from the terms your customers use to look for products (Use SEO tools such as Google AdWords to identify these. Details such as shipping charges or marketing campaigns should not be mentioned here.)
  2. Use of relevant terms such as ‘Thanksgiving Day gift’ or ‘Christmas gift’ in the titles and descriptions throughout, in the Google Product Search feed
  3. High-resolution, quality images of the products
  4. Product categories that are based on Google’s Product Type to help place your products in the most suitable departments and thereby increase products’ rankings
  5. Frequent submission of your product feeds to avoid getting them removed from Google Product Search for the lack of fresh feeds
  6. Mentioning shipping and tax info to avoid shopping cart abandonment as a direct result of very high shipping charges (Think about this one. Google Product Search allows you to submit tax and shipping info directly through setting default values in Google Merchant Center account or by mentioning it in the feed.)
  7. Mentioning in the Google Product Search feed any newly introduced products, shipping waivers, support for Google Checkout – attributes that shoppers look for specifically when shopping online (not in the titles or descriptions)
  8. Completing all required fields while submitting the feed
  9. Submitting in the feed for Google Product Search all relevant details such as modes of payment available, color, brand name, UPC, MPN, and ISBN as well as descriptions such as ‘available online only’, or ‘compatible with’, and ‘system requirements’, etc.
  10. Connecting the Google Merchant Center account to your AdWords account to make best use of Google’s Product Extension Ads
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