Jun 27

Let us consider the facts at the outset. You are a businessperson who wants to sell online or already have an online store. You want to sell max products for max profit. You therefore need to address customer preferences better than the competition does. What is of utmost importance nevertheless is your client. Your web store is or will be the interface between you and your client. Hence, you want it to be one that provides the smoothest shopping and even window-shopping experience for your online shoppers. To do that, you will need to pay attention to some fundamental precautions.

The overall experience for online shoppers proves to be a pain in the ***. Now why is that? That is because of a marketing overkill. The trend followed these days by a section of businessmen, web developers, and marketing personnel is to DO EVERYTHING NECESSARY TO ENSURE SALES AND AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. Now is that the best approach? Not at all, believe me. If you want something, you have to give something.  That’s a diktat of natural law. The law further states that each and every marketing move will have an equal and opposite consumer reaction. Okay, I made that up, but I am not off target, I know.

Anyone and everyone, having anything to do with marketing, needs to ask themselves whether irritating the potential online shoppers is a way to ensure sales. Why pop-ups, why in-the-face advertising, why those unsolicited phone calls, SMSs, emails, web ads? Why, why, why? What good are all these going to do your business? You are in a hurry to sell. Your customers are not in a hurry to buy. They cannot afford to be. Be pragmatic. Care for the customers. Deliver genuine value. The customers will come if you put every effort into creating a pleasant experience for the customer. Whether you irritate them or not, they are going to buy from your online store only when they can afford to or need to. If you do irritate them with your advertising, they might figure you are one of those over-aggressive marketers who will stop at nothing. It might turn them off, for heaven’s sake. Avoid aggressive marketing at the outset. Be aggressive with other online stores if you must, not the customers.

I am aware you might not agree with the way I am trying to see things, but I see a huge glimmer of sense in this point of view. I very much want this post to have a very positive influence on everyone concerned.

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