Jul 27

The trouble with the average internet marketing service is that a lot of marketing brain has to go into the website promotion tools available online. SEO services likewise need to be based on total commitment and involvement in your project on the part of the internet marketing service provider. You have blogs, articles, coupons, vouchers, SMSs, mailers, and so on. But search engine optimisation services are often thought to be powerful instruments in themselves, by those at the helm of business affairs.

For instance, a web log (or blog, for short) is merely a format that you use to post blog-worthy content online. Your blog can be a mini representation of your website, your business, your ideas…the lot. It can carry links to some great web pages that are frequented by droves of surfers. But if your blog does not contain adequate thought in the right words and phrases, you might as well not blog at all. Remember that your blog — in fact all the internet marketing you indulge in — tells the world a lot more about you and your business than you think. People are definitely going to read between the lines of even internet marketing copy, since they are there mainly to find useful copy. That is a major reason for the recent success of social media optimisation tactics, isn’t it?

Internet marketing service providers believe that website promotion, pay per click, or social media optimisation constitute the power to generate sales. Despite their faith in such tools, you and I know that that is not really true. These tools are just the outer shell for the gunpowder of an effective internet marketing service.

SEO services can get your website to the first page of a majority of SERPs, even among the first five. Once you are up there, however, the truest test of your content begins. If you do not have genuinely useful content on your website, things are going to get pretty awkward for your business online. While search engine optimisation is a useful tool, it can only take your website to the first page. Again, on the way, it would require top-class content to progress so far.

Take fancy names and terms coined by marketers with a pinch of salt and learn to discern genuinely useful content online. In short, prepare for online success.

Apr 30

IWebSquare launches IT development services that are suitable to the purposes of both individual entrepreneurs and corporations. We offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of Software & Application Development; Web Development, Management and Support; and Off Shore Services.

IWebSquare’s philosophy of work and procedure comprises simple, well-defined, and fundamental principles of skills of the heart and the mind. It is intended to be an ethical IT services company; where teamwork, commitment to excellence, and wholesome satisfaction for our clients are sought most fervently and unceasingly.

We invest no faith in compromising quality. Our collective skill has been honed to produce quality output for every single patron who seeks our expertise. We are a process-driven company that understands the significance of processes. Being a company, processes are vital to our advancement on the path to success. Since processes lend structure to any endeavor, we have defined processes that help our developers follow a rhythm of work to meet tight deadlines. That way, we also beget the confidence of our most exalted patrons.

We employ a group of professionals from backgrounds as diverse as the professions themselves. These professionals are equipped with vast experience in the areas of content writing, website design, planning, software and application development, Web-enabled solutions and services. Committed and experienced professionals at IWebSquare profess a coordinated commitment to every task they undertake. As such, professionalism is the cornerstone of our work ethic.

Our SEO Team follows a strategic plan appropriate to the task on hand and make sure every step in the plan is suitably implemented during the progression of the SEO process. Apart from adopting a holistic SEO approach, we focus on the website’s performance on search engines to maximize the ROI.

IWebSquare specialises in developing a wide range of software and applications. We offer design, development, testing, installation/deployment and maintenance/support services. We specialise in the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions and Inventory Management Systems.

IWebSquare professes expertise in developing a wide range of Web Solutions. We offer services for Web Application Development, Desktop Application Development, Application Development, Ecommerce Website Development, Web Portal Development, and Shopping Cart development.

The IWebSquare advantage lies in its extensive experience and commitment to offering reliable and cost-effective services and solutions that make for complete peace of mind and comfort for our client.

Finally, the client’s requirement is our first and final priority. We seek to affect a concordance with our client so as to follow the most infinitesimal nuances of our client’s exact requirement.

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