Nov 23

I cannot help observing how online marketing service providers tend to thrust the medium that they are comfortable with under customers’ noses. “Video is the best medium for marketing…”, “Website design…”, “Picture worth thousand words…”, and similar phrases abound on the websites of those that provide such inherently incomplete services. Business websites are meant to communicate the full picture to the convenience of every member of the target audience.

Are developers naïve enough to think that the customer does not see through their diaphanous inability to INTEGRATE all web development instruments into one superb business website for the client? After all, what is the entire purpose of having “good content” on your website?

Your business website needs content that is engaging, appealing, informative, interesting, unique, and the kind that sells your products or services for you. Conversation with your client is extremely important, as you can see. To that end, you cannot afford to neglect creating such well-rounded content.

Business Conversion Optimization

Business Conversion Optimization

You see, every single medium has its own strength – the one cannot quite achieve what the other can. And that is simply because each medium has a certain efficacy that is unique to itself. Making the most of the medium on your business website and stringing two or more of these media to structure the message to your target audience is the need of the hour. Any single medium can of course not be as efficacious as two or three of them combined to good effect. And that good effect is what makes your overall content appealing, informative, engaging, and so on. Remember you have a business website to manage, not a theatre or a book.

A multimedia experience is your best bet at communicating the full message to your prospective customers. Ensure that your business website offers full support to all your customers. Avoid falling into the trap of a designer or developer who can only provide only a part of the content for your business website.

Aug 20

Your ecommerce website needs the touch of an experienced developer who will render the site not just pleasing to look at but one that makes for easy navigability for your customers as well. A developer with considerable experience in the area of ecommerce development can provide a website which fully fulfills every business requirement of your online store. The best ecommerce web development is multi-tiered, for business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) adaptability. Here you should expect a highly customizable ecommerce website that is loaded with some pretty useful features to attract visitors and help your online revenue grow.

To further enrich your online store, bespoke ecommerce web development is highly recommendable, thanks in no small measure to its highly flexible nature. With such a store, the store owner might do as he pleases. A vast array of ecommerce features and functionalities are available, from which you may select the most relevant, as per the kind of a store your business requires.

With most ecommerce web development, you might also want to opt for an ecommerce website that is fully optimised for the search engines. An optimised ecommerce website will rank higher up the search engine results pages, thereby increasing the chances of getting visitors and potential customers to your website. You will no doubt need excellent copy-writing services as well, to attract genuine buyers. Other important components of ecommerce web development include attractive pictures of the products and features and functinality that make it worthwhile for the online shopper to spend time at your online store. Find yourself a quality services provider and you are well on your way to online business success.

Jul 15

Quality website design and development of  business websites occur when the website designer understands the ways in which people use the Internet and the reasons why. This maxim holds true most significantly in the case of ecommerce websites. Such websites depend entirely on people, more specifically “quality traffic” to their webstore or website. Without the promise of a huge click-through rate translating into at least a 5% to 10% conversion rate, few webstores could possibly survive. Webstore design is thus critically important to the store owner and the people he commissions.

Hence, it is advisable not to take users for granted. Try not to exclude any given consumer segment. Make arrangements for all. Ongoing research into consumer behaviour is an ideal proposition for any business worth its own name. In the case of evolving website design, the same holds true for website developers. While designing a webstore or a web page, take into account the targeted audience. For instance, if the page or site is exclusively intended for either the younger or the older generations, your task as a website designer is to identify their specific requirements, which can be tough … depending on the size of the audience. If it includes both segments, it becomes even more complicated. You’d think you need to design two versions of the site. You can design just a single webstore, however.

People are complicated, and difficult to please. Then, they are grouped under parameters such as likes and dislikes, beliefs, education, culture, religion, age, gender, and so on. Can you design a website, or a page even, to accommodate every taste? Can you design a web page for even the motley group of your ‘targeted audience’? If you think you can, you are already progressing in the wrong direction. Sit up and take note. Because all you can do as a website designer is be sensitive to your existing and prospective customers. And to how they use web development technology. Period.

Apr 30

IWebSquare launches IT development services that are suitable to the purposes of both individual entrepreneurs and corporations. We offer comprehensive solutions in the areas of Software & Application Development; Web Development, Management and Support; and Off Shore Services.

IWebSquare’s philosophy of work and procedure comprises simple, well-defined, and fundamental principles of skills of the heart and the mind. It is intended to be an ethical IT services company; where teamwork, commitment to excellence, and wholesome satisfaction for our clients are sought most fervently and unceasingly.

We invest no faith in compromising quality. Our collective skill has been honed to produce quality output for every single patron who seeks our expertise. We are a process-driven company that understands the significance of processes. Being a company, processes are vital to our advancement on the path to success. Since processes lend structure to any endeavor, we have defined processes that help our developers follow a rhythm of work to meet tight deadlines. That way, we also beget the confidence of our most exalted patrons.

We employ a group of professionals from backgrounds as diverse as the professions themselves. These professionals are equipped with vast experience in the areas of content writing, website design, planning, software and application development, Web-enabled solutions and services. Committed and experienced professionals at IWebSquare profess a coordinated commitment to every task they undertake. As such, professionalism is the cornerstone of our work ethic.

Our SEO Team follows a strategic plan appropriate to the task on hand and make sure every step in the plan is suitably implemented during the progression of the SEO process. Apart from adopting a holistic SEO approach, we focus on the website’s performance on search engines to maximize the ROI.

IWebSquare specialises in developing a wide range of software and applications. We offer design, development, testing, installation/deployment and maintenance/support services. We specialise in the development of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions and Inventory Management Systems.

IWebSquare professes expertise in developing a wide range of Web Solutions. We offer services for Web Application Development, Desktop Application Development, Application Development, Ecommerce Website Development, Web Portal Development, and Shopping Cart development.

The IWebSquare advantage lies in its extensive experience and commitment to offering reliable and cost-effective services and solutions that make for complete peace of mind and comfort for our client.

Finally, the client’s requirement is our first and final priority. We seek to affect a concordance with our client so as to follow the most infinitesimal nuances of our client’s exact requirement.

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