Oct 31

I believe you are already aware of the pitfalls of a poorly designed website. So I’ll just get straight to the point. Here are 7 things to avoid by way of website design:

1. Don’t make registration mandatory
Making it mandatory for people to register is the same as asking them to move on. Avoid it at all costs. Registration should be an option, not an obligation, with good website design. Let them have a look at what all is on offer. If they see something they like and want to purchase something, you could then require the registration. Keep it simple, nevertheless.

2. Don’t overlook or overdo search capabilities
Onsite search options should be as intuitive as they can get. Provide internal linking and search boxes to the extent possible, but also take care not to overdo it. The web page design should be such that the user can immediately make out where to look for what is required.

3. Don’t hold back on payment methods
Your customers should be clear about whether you accept PayPal payments, credit cards, debit cards, checks, (and so on) etc. Make sure that you have mentioned it at an appropriate location on your website and that your website design is transparent enough to help customers access that information.

4. Don’t create any barriers to customer support
Easily accessible and informative customer support is just as valuable as any other aspect of your website design. Provide online and other forms of customer support to ensure that your customers are always satisfied with your service. Provide appropriate yet easy-enough channels for customers to communicate on the website itself.

5.  Don’t let technology overwhelm visitors
Although Flash, Java Navigation, and such other tech is good to look at, it is not advisable to overload your website with too much of it. Ensure that simplicity is a cornerstone of your website design. Annoyed visitors will only hurt your business, so unless you intend to display your Java or Flash portfolio, keep the junk to a minimum.

6. Don’t disallow the right click
Plagiarists will go ahead and do it any which way. So there’s hardly any point in disabling the right click. Copying your content won’t do them much good anyway.

7. Don’t fill your web pages with ads
Ads will definitely bring you money, but too many ads on your web pages will surely agitate your visitors and customers. Keep the ads relevant and useful to your target audience and ensure their number is kept to a minimum.

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