Oct 04

With a rise in demand, there is also a noticeable change in the technology trends, and open source development has brought about just such a change insofar as the world of Internet is concerned. With open source development, applications and even entire websites may now be built to professional standards using the freely available source code. Any changes required thereafter may also be easily incorporated on demand.

What is more, open source customization lends itself easily to the efforts of developers and programmers the world over. The kinds of software and applications now available have never been better. This, in turn, means that every business – small or large – can now avail of high-quality software at less than half the price. Indeed, the only expenditure one incurs with open source software is that on the fairly reasonable fees charged by your developer.

Several open source platforms exist that make it possible for you to source web sites, content management systems, and web applications. Dynamic web sites may be created using open source software such as Joomla, Drupal and Typo3. Then you have the platforms such as Magento, X-Cart, Zen Cart, Presta Shop, and so on – among the more notable ones – for open source development. Platforms such as Flex even make it possible to develop rich internet applications (RIAs).

A standard and highly qualified open source developer from an offshore open source development company should be able to provide the best web development services at highly affordable rates. Service offered by such developer can include the following:

Open Source Customization

Open Source Customization

• PHPBB customisation
• Storefront customisation
• WordPress customisation
• Drupal CMS customisation
• X-cart customisation
• Zen cart customisation
• CakePHP customisation
• Oscommerce customisation
• Joomla customisation

These developers are generally quite capable at delivering high quality results in tackling the most critical issues with open source project development. They also provide round-the-clock support after you have sourced a solution.

Open source applications have utterly revolutionised the way business is conducted online. Make the most of it while the going is good.

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