Nov 21

Being online retailers hot in pursuit of more sales, we tend to overlook certain unconventional and therefore effective ways of achieving ecommerce sales. Every one of us usually prefers to sell in the same old ways, whether a beginner or a veteran to online selling. Features created specifically for unconventional selling methods are now available for those of us who would be interested in taking a shot at achieving sales using new strategies.

Create major and genuine differentiators between you and the competition to establish your brand. One way of doing that is to offer unconventional ways to purchase your products. Here are some suggestions:

1. Name Your Own Price: The Priceline ads are based on an effective strategy. Let your customers enjoy the chance to bid on certain products and your sales increase dramatically. The strategy does not imply selling vast quantities of stock at throwaway prices. Operate within comfortable margins but use it to attract visitors and leads.

2. Daily Deals: Presenting attractive, interesting daily deals on your homepage can prove to be a great option to acquire regularly returning visitors. Make your deals count through syndicating unique content on a regular basis through the social media, and achieve higher conversion rates as well as quality promotion for your brand.

You should also build a list of social media platforms and appropriately send out your daily deal to shopping blogs and site for achieving traction and increasing the following for your brand.

3. Group Buying: Either go with a Groupon or similar group-buying sites or consider your own group deal so that you need not pay on your ecommerce sales. Shopping cart solution providers have started incorporating group buying features into the solutions they provide, so make sure you catch on early enough.

4. Waiting List Feature: Allow your customers to join a waiting list for a particular high-demand product. Such lists are populated by shoppers who are almost guaranteed to make the purchase as soon as the product is available. Again, shopping carts incorporate the facility to send notifications when the product is back in stock.

In addition to the above suggestions, you might also offer your customers the opportunity to pay later or for goods bought or in instalments. That in itself can be an attractive proposition for both the merchant and the shopper.

Use these suggestions to boost your online sales. Watch this space for more on the topic in future.

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