IWebSquare reflects our ideals of developing software solutions and providing services that cater to individual or corporate needs. We are a leading organisation in custom software application development and services.

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IWebSquare reflects our ideal of providing solutions and services that are suitable to individuals or corporations. We provide comprehensive solutions in the arena of Software & Application Development, Web Development, Management and Support and Off Shore Services.

We are a leading process driven company established in 2000, with the aim to provide the best customised solutions and services for our valuable clients that fulfil their requirements effectively and efficiently.

IWebSquare's working philosophy and procedure comprise simple, well defined and fundamental principles of skill, heart and hand.

Values & Reputation:

IWebSquare is an ethical IT & Services company; here we value all fundamentals which comprise teamwork, excellence, commitment and total satisfaction for our clients and ourselves.

We believe in Quality Work and never compromise that. Our skills and mind has been honed to produce quality work irrespective of the client and the cost. Our Dedication & Quality of Work stand out and drive more clients to us and more significantly we have built our reputation on this premise.

Process Oriented:

We are a process-driven company and understand the significance of processes. As a company, process is a vital formation for us and drives us on the path to success. Processes bring structure in any work. We have defined processes that help our developers follow a rhythm of work and reach deadlines. It eliminates redundancy and time delay which helps us achieve our goals.

Committed & Experienced Professionals:

We have a hybrid set of individuals with vast experience in the areas of Design, Planning, Software & Application development, web enabled solutions and Services. Committed and Experienced Professionals deliver quality work; professionalism is the foundation in all our work.

Client Focus:

Understanding client's requirements is our first priority and we ensure that we gather all necessary information to understand the clients' business objectives and goals. Our solutions will fully support the Client's business and goals.