Deployment/Testing Services

 Deployment/Testing Services
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Deployment/Testing Services

Deployment/Testing Services

IWebSquare has many years of testing experience. Outsourcing testing services, whether it be for website testing or system/software testing has many advantages:

  • Testing efforts are typically cyclical and therefore require resources in an adhoc manner. It is therefore, not practical or efficient for any company to maintain a testing team/department throughout the year along with office space and resources and testing infrastructure and environment. Outsourcing testing can provide you the services you require, how you require them, when you require them and at a cost that suits your budget.
  • Outsourcing testing can also help relieve your current staff of testing activities and allow them to concentrate their efforts on development.
  • Companies may not have the staff, skills, environment, resources to conduct their own testing and may therefore find it more cost effective to outsource.
  • Companies may prefer an independent third party testing company to perform testing services in order to obtain a more objective view of their website/system/software as there is no conflict of interest.
  • Time to Market: Companies may already have time constraints on development projects. To save time readily available testing staff and environment may be the best option.
  • Improve quality: formal testing procedures and documentation may help to identify bugs and improvements quicker and therefore improve the quality of the end product or service.

At IWebSquare we provide test services for both open source and commercial software with both manual and automated testing.Testing Services include Functional Testing, Automated Testing ,Regression Testing and User Acceptance Testing.

At IWebSquare formal review stages will be setup in order for you to maintain control and vision on the testing process. This will include Test Plan & Case Reviews (unit/integration/system etc), Execution Reviews, Acceptance Tests, and Final Reviews. The final deliverables will include final test plans, requirements, test cases/results, all scripts, and test/bug reports.

Contact us for full details of our testing services.