Flex Development

Flax creates real time text effects for Adobe Flash; it raised the standards for Flash text effect. Some of the effects which are virtually impossible to create, they all become reality with the Flax.

 Flex Development
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Flex Development

Flex Development

Flex is a comparatively new technology based on Macromedia Flash software, a full-fledged development environment ranked to a branch standard. Flex offers a number of remarkable benefits for both developers and end-users, including:

  • Record development time due to a powerful coding tools and extensive visual component library.
  • Solution scalability and reliability due to a powerful and elegant Flex programming model.
  • Flex-based solutions are easily re-designed or enhanced whenever it is necessary.
  • Easy integration into a server application due to a high-performance data synchronization engine between the client and server sides.
  • In-context interactivity due to video, audio, streaming, and messaging components.

Flex is applied for the development of the following solutions:

  • Network, communication and other interactive solutions
  • Business systems
  • Statistics management applications
  • Video and audio messaging solutions, classical text messaging solutions
  • CRM and ERP systems
  • Standalone custom solutions

Our Offerings on Flex:

  • Flex Custom Application Development
  • Rich Internet Application with Flex and Flash
  • Flex integration with MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PHP, JAVA, ASP .NET, XML
  • Skinning of Flex components
  • Dynamic Shopping Cart
  • Flex based Music Player
  • Map Application Integration
  • Database Driven Flex Applications
  • Flex Component Development
  • Flex Widgets
  • Flex based Video Player
  • Flex based Image Gallery