Hire Your Virtual Employee

Do you require cost-effective occasional staff resources during busy times? Well, look no further!IWebSquares’"Hire your virtual employee" service offers the right solution for you.

 Hire Your Virtual  Employee
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Hire Your Virtual  Employee

Hire Your Virtual Employee

At IWebSquare we understand the peaks of any business and therefore recognise the requirements for occasional staffing. It may be not feasible or even cost effective to hire part time or seasonal staff to fulfil your business requirements. "Hire your virtual employee" provides a virtual employee capable of the business tasks required whilst being cost effective.

You can hire virtual employees with the following skills:

  • Administrative/secretarial
  • Personal Assistant
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • IT Support - 24 hour help desk, network/database administration/management, data entry, system management/ maintenance, technical writer.
  • IT Development - Web developer (all levels), systems/application developer (all levels), multimedia designer, project management, systems analyst.
  • Other services

You can be rest assured that your virtual employee will be working for you whilst being in our office, under our management supervision. Every virtual employee will work closely with an account manager who will provide periodical progress and performance reports to you. You can contact your virtual employee at your convenience and via any medium comfortable to you.

Contact us to "hire your virtual employee".