Inventory & Order Management Features

 Inventory & Order Management Features
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Inventory & Order Management Features

Inventory & Order Management Features

Whether you are a large organisation or small business unit, handling inventory and order fulfillment can be a very difficultand stressful business function. To streamline, collaborate and make these functions seamless, we introduce our inventory and order management solution. This ensures all buying, selling, & shipping processes are more efficient and effective saving you time and money.

We also provide admin side control, including ware house and inventory control, customer or dermanagement and vendor order management, which help to improve and streamline ware house and manufacturing environments by automating shipping and receiving functions.

As our solution is catered for all types and size of business, we offer powerful and afford able solutions to enhance your business which reduces the day to day stress of inventory, ware house and order management.

Key Functionality of our inventory and management functionality

  • Inventory Management Solutions, including lot number tracking, multiple warehouse inventory management, Bar code tracking, labeling and scanning, Location tracking
  • Order Management and Sales Cycle Workflow, including Order processing, back order or backlog tracking, Release date management, Batch shipping
  • Ecommerce integration
  • Materials Resource Planning based on Batch purchasing, Vendor, Release date management and blanket purchase orders, Document linking and Distribution management
  • Production Control by smart manufacturing, bill, steering and order control
  • Extensive E-Commerce Integration
  • Barcode scanning
  • Customisation and integration as per business requirements
  • Modernise Purchasing and Vendor Management
  • Multi Warehouse and Inventory Control