IWebSquare Portal Solution

IWebSquare delivers all type of portal solutions. We can deliver social communities portals, knowledge management portals, web portals and enterprise portals.

 IWebsquare Portal Solution
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IWebsquare Portal Solution

IWebsquare Portal Solution

IWebSquare accomplishes portal development solutions based on client requirements. The portals are a dynamic and evolutionary platform for commercial and social transformation.

The enterprise level of portal solutions at IWebSquare is unique and outstanding as we have skilled and professional teams to meet a specific client's requirements.

Social Networking Communities

The concept of social networking has been largely accepted and this has opened new opportunities.

With an ever-increasing number of visitors on social networking websites the social networking conceptis a very successful business model. Social Networking has blurred the geographic boundaries.

IWebSquare has invested lots of manpower and resources to understand the potential of social network.

B2b eCommerce Portal

Whether you run a small business or a large organisation, IWebSquare offers you Business-to-Business (B2B) solutions in a highly efficient and scalable way to help companies manage their businesses more effectively. The solution allows businesses to start as many self-service portals, which are available through custom logins.

Our Business-to-Business (B2B) eCommerce development solutions include:

  • Payment Gateway Integration: The main focal point is on developing secure payment gateway to our client's eCommerce. This service manages all transaction and help customers to make safe and secure online payments.
  • Search Engine Optimisation: We can also help you with the search engine optimisation process. This process will help to achieve higher ranking and find out your prospective customers on the web easily.
  • Information Management: The important element of portal is its information/content which is to be updated at regular intervals.
  • Dynamic Updates: We are aware of the need for dynamic updates of eCommerce portals; our solution is such that you can dynamically update the information like a price, product list, specification, etc.

Enterprise Information Portal

Single source of enterprise information for better, faster decisions and improved business performance.

We can help you to manage your business easily and effective from any place and at any time; our portal solutions will be the blend of your business needs and latest technologies. Organise and make it all accessible in personalised structure at one single website.

IWebSquare solution covers the entire portal life cycle. We assist you implement portal solutions to prioritise and manage user expectations.

Looking for Enterprise Information Portal, Contact us and we are happy to assit you!

Knowledge Management Portal

Knowledge management portals are most suitable for companies who have a knowledge management approach to their operation and routine business of review and assessment is essential. A knowledge management portal often includes some sophisticated details.

The importance of a knowledge management portal to carry our decision-making is crucial. It is important to ensure the operation of a plan of action has a fair chance for success. Knowledge management portals can help your employees get involved in creating knowledge for business continuity.

The operations of a knowledge management portal may include innovation or old tested reliable, time tested, successful past practice. The key is to evaluate and assess. If the solution is good, the knowledge management portal must also be good. The operations of a plan must be as good as the plan itself.