Legacy Application Reengineering

Re-engineering on your legacy applications on contemporary platforms enhancing their value. Greater flexibility to respond quickly to market changes with scalable platforms, reduction in cost spent on out of control legacy systems and reduced total cost of ownership.

 Legacy Application Reengineering
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Legacy Application Reengineering

Legacy Application Reengineering

  • Re-engineering existing legacy applications on latest platforms improving their potential.
  • Standard Established processes, technological excellence and various tools to re-engineer your applications to modern technologies like .NET, J2EE, UNIX and Linux.
  • Promptness in changing legacy applications with scalable platforms, and overall cost reduction.

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive analysis of contemporary architecture
  • Path to minimum cost, risk and troubles to latest state software-as-a-service transformation.
  • Understand relevant business processes and the existing system its functionality.
  • Analyze risk and technology requirements.
  • Step-wise Project planning and implementations.