Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby on Rails is an open source web framework for the Ruby programming language. Rails uses the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern to organize application programming.

 Ruby On Rails Development
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Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby on Rails- often called RoR, or just Rails, is an open source web application framework written in Ruby that closely follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture that aims to increase the speed and ease with which database-driven web sites can be created and offers skeleton code frameworks (scaffolding) from the outset.

Ruby on Rails divides itself into various packages, namely:

  • Active Record - for database interactivity
  • Action Pack -On rails from request to response
  • Active Support - Utility classes and standard library extensions from Rails
  • Action Web Service - server side support for the SOAP and XML-RPC web service protocols and supported features required for interoperability with major platforms

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application framework coded in Ruby that follows the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. Ruby is an object oriented scripting language. Rails is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework based on Ruby and used for developing web applications. The Rails framework supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases.

Apart from standard packages, developers can make plunging to extend existing packages.

It strives for simplicity and allowing real-world applications to be developed in less code than other frameworks and with a minimum of configuration. Rails has gained a reputation for being a sustainable, enjoyable way to develop web applications

Ruby on Rails is defined as a full-stack framework which means that the framework supports everything necessary to build web application development (minus the Database) under one umbrella.

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Ruby on Rails Features

Ruby on Rails includes features that help in increasing developer productivity. Some of the main features include the following:

  • MVC architecture: Ruby on Rails is based on the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture that enables the data to be separated from presentation.
  • Database Access Library:: Ruby on Rails includes a database access library - Active Record ? that simplifies data handling in databases. Active Record automatically maps tables to classes and rows to objects.
  • Libraries for common tasks:: Ruby on Rails includes a database access library - Active Record ? that simplifies data handling in databases. Active Record automatically maps tables to classes and rows to objects.
  • DAJAX Library: An extensive library of AJAX functions is provided in the Rails framework. Ruby code can be used to generate AJAX code. The associated java scripting required for AJAX gets generated automatically.
  • Convention over configuration: Ruby on Rails does not have any XML configuration files. It includes simple programming conventions that can be used to specify the configuration parameters.
  • Customized URL: Custom or Search Engine Friendly URLs can be developed using the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • Debugging: Detailed error logs are provided, making it easier to debug applications.
  • Components: Components can be used to store reusable code. Components can be included to modularize templates.

Expert Ruby on Rails Development

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