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At IWebSquare, our SEO Team practices an appropriate strategic plan; and make sure plan are properly implement while performing various steps in SEO process, apart from following holistic SEO approach we also focuses on site performance in search engines to maximize the ROI. Our SEO process and strategic plan may vary from each industry and it depends upon your nature of business and targeted market and audience.

SEO Process being followed by IWebSquare as below:

  • Website Analysis & Evaluation
  • Extensive Keyword Research
  • Website Optimisation

Website Analysis & Evaluation

  • Benchmarking : Benchmarking is continuous process we follow throughout the SEO work, this process guide us to identifying, understanding and recognizing industry leaders, this help us to adapt outstanding and ethnical practice to improve website performance in major search engines. During following this process your website are closely monitors and analyzed mainly focusing on your industry and targeted audience.
  • competitor's Analysis : At IWebSquare, our SEO Team find out your close competitor's in search engines and closely monitors and analyze various step and techniques improve in their optimisation process. This is significant step and help us to get clear and concise picture about the optimisation process that would exactly work for your business.
  • Website Study : Following above two steps we move forward to your next step Website Study; here we analysis the website in detail and find out how closely it related to our previous analysis process. In this step the website analysis/study involve each and every aspects of website like website structure, coding, HTML and other parameters, we may also suggest required changes which help for search engines optimisation process.

Extensive Keyword Research

Website Optimisation

  • Identifying and Defining Keywords : Identifying and defining keywords is a vital step in SEO process. We believe the accurate and ideal keyword or keyword phrases research is the step towards a successful SEO campaign. Our SEO campaign will yield no result if we have not targeted the appropriate keywords. We select the most appropriate keyword or keywords phrases which match to your nature of the business products and services. We do intense research on keywords or keyword phrases part to identify the most appropriate keywords.
  • Selecting The Best Keywords : After the initial keyword analysis, we collect most appropriate keywords from which we have already sort out in our first step Identifying and Defining Keywords. We make sure the keywords selected best describe your business products and services. We also send the keywords sheet to you for a final confirmation. We select the keywords which can help to maximize your ROI.
    • On-Page Optimisation
      • Meta Tags
      • HTML Code Refining & Checking
      • Content Analysis & Optimisation
      • Image Optimisation
      • Dynamic Page Optimisation
      • URL Lookup
      • Working on Anchor Text
      • RSS Creation
      • Bookmarking Option for the site
      • Sitemap Creation
    • Off-Page Optimisation
      • Search Engine Submission
      • One Time Paid Submission
      • Manual Submission
      • Working on Blog
      • Articles, PR etc. Submission
    • Monitoring & Maintenance
      • Fine Tune Website & Re-optimisation
      • Google Sitemap Usage
      • Google Analytics Usage
    • Ranking Reports
      • Submission Reports
      • Ranking Report